MCBI has a training program which is running throughout the year. The faculty staff members faculty interested in this program will contribute the training and will have trainees working on ideas suggested by them. Major computational/bioinformatics project can be planned to make teamwork involving a group of trainees. Guidelines for trainees will be prepared and modified by MCBI from time to time to ensure smooth conduct of the training program (Please keep on updating regarding the modules and duration of the programs).

General Guidelines of the Training Program:

• Students (MSc/BTech/MTech and science graduate students in Biology interested to update their knowledge in Bioinformatics)

• Faculty members with interest in bioinformatics and doing their or freshly completed these courses can apply.

• Students can download the application form available in the website and send the completed form as an attachment to .

• There will be no stipend or accommodation provided by CCMB.

• At any given time a maximum of five students will be admitted to the program.

• At the end of the training, student will submit a scientific report along with questionnaire to get the feedback.

• Training will be monitored through a monthly discussion involving scientists and all the trainees.

• MCBI will maintain a record of all the trainees.

• More than one trainee can work on one project.

• Scientific outcome of the work done by the trainee will belong the faculty with whom the trainee will be directly associated.


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